Open Session at the Pub on Page

In December 2022 we began our newest favorite, regular gig: first Wednesdays at the super fresh Public House at the top of Page Hill Road in Tamworth, hometown of 3/4ths of the band. We’ll also be playing monthly at Sunday brunch. (The recurring nature of this is still in the works. Stay tuned.) Here’s the gist of what makes this a great event:

5:30 pm – Our band plays our ever-developing mixture of driving, energetic tunes and soulful, mellow melodies and songs.

7pm until 8:30 or so – Anyone else with an instrument and a few Irish tunes they can play is welcome to join us. It is not a “learning session”, but we can and will adjust the tempo and repertoire to the guests who show up. As of this writing, we’ve done this twice and were excited to have three or four people join us each time. To help those folks and others at an intermediate sort of level join in more confidently we thought to post here a list from which we are likely to play each time. Any tune link will take you Shannon and Matt Heaton’s youtube site where you can play along with them as they play that tune. Others you can find at You can also record us playing these tunes at the pub so you can practice at home. If you are playing back-up guitar etc, search youtube for Matt Heaton’s series of excellent, free, short youtube videos on the subject. Very worth your time.

Road to Lisdoonvarna (slide in Em)- O’Keefe’s slide (Am)

Quebecois Reels: La Bastringue (D with Dmix) – St Anne’s (D)

The Eavesdropper (jig in G)- Mug of Brown Ale (jig Am)

Haste to the Wedding (jig in D)/ Out On the Ocean (jig in G)

Swallowtail Jig (Em) – Morrison’s Jig (Em)

Dinky Dorian’s Reel (Amix edc#Abc#A) – Brenda Stubbert’s Reel (Am)

Red Haired Boy (reel in Amix) – The Silver Spear (reel in D)

Lisdoonvarna Reel (Dmix) – Ships Are Sailing (reel in Em)

Mairi’s Wedding (polka in G) – Riding on a Load of Hay (Em polka)

Jenny Dang the Weaver (D reel) – Mrs. McCloud’s Reel (reel in Amaj)

Bank of Ireland (reel alternating Am and D) – Dunmore Lasses (Em)

Si Bheag, Si Mohr

Finnegan’s Wake (jig in D?)

Peat Fire Flame (reel in G) – Spotted Pony (reel in d)

Lynn Stanhope Waltz (G GDGAb) by Beverly Woods